Coco and Conrad are missing…

Coco&Conrad (3) Dec 2014

Coco & Conrad are missing from group C – Coco is a large adult female with long, dark chest fur and a small pink spot on her left breast and on her inner left thigh. Her son, Conrad, is a young juvenile male best described as an old man trapped in a tiny body (think woolly monkey version of Benjamin Button). They were last seen on December 7, 2014 near camp happily foraging with other members of their group. Everyone from group C, especially Chloe, Coco’s daughter and Conrad’s big sister, are patiently awaiting their return. Not knowing their whereabouts (i.e. if they are simply living in a new group now or if they are actually deceased) is very stressful. If found, please let them know that they are sorely missed and if they’ve decided that their new home is better than their last the least they could do is send a trill or two our way to let us know that they are okay.

Missing Poster

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